Company Names For Sale

  • D Ltd  (Registered 10-08-2004)
  • HE Ltd  (Registered 18-02-2005)
  • MP Ltd  (Registered 20-02-2008)
  • QT Ltd  (Registered 25-03-2008)
  • W Ltd  (Registered 09-07-2004)
  • TO Ltd  (Registered 10-06-2009)
  • GP Ltd  (Registered 23-11-2007)
  • ER Ltd  (Registered 16-11-2008)
  • BO Ltd  (Registered 19-11-2007)
  • EP Ltd  (Registered 23-11-2007)
  • DT Ltd  (Registered 28-06-2005)
  • IO Ltd  (Registered 16-11-2007)
  • PC Ltd  (Registered 13-11-2008)
  • WP Ltd  (Registered 16-11-2007)
  • PR Ltd  (Registered 05-05-2009)
  • RV Ltd  (Registered 16-11-2007)
  • TR Ltd  (Registered 16-11-2007)
  • WC Ltd  (Registered 15-08-2008)
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Every business deserves a memorable name and nothing says professional and elite and is easier to remember than a 1 letter limited business name like W Ltd.

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Single Letter Ready Made Limited Company Names

We currently have 3 single letter limited companies names available for purchase, they are W Ltd, Z Ltd and D Ltd, which come with accompanying ultra rare single letter domain names (, and

Double Letter Ready Made Limited Company Names

We have almost 200 two letter company names available for purchase, please browse through our full list. Many of them provide the rights to register the appropriate 2 letter domain name

Why Choose a Ready Made Limited Company?

To date over 11 million UK Limited Companies have been registered, leaving very few good company names available. With more and more new company names being registered every day this scarecity can only continue. Companies House operates a very strict registration policy, not allowing new company names to be registered which are similar to any that have already been registered, thus protecting the original registrant.

All of the company names we provide come with a perfect history of submitting Dormant Company Accounts and Annual Returns/Confirmation Statement and no trading history, making them ideal for businesses wanting to easily setup a new bank account.


If you came here because you saw the link in the address of a company you were interested in purchasing on Companies House, don't worry, you came to the right place. That link comes to this website (which is a little more brandable, and a bit less instructional).

Our prime one and two letter company names give you a unique and highly memorable company name or offer excellent medium to long term investment opportunities.

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